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Welcome to NZACDITT

The New Zealand Association for Computing, Digital and Information Technology Teachers is an association with the goal of advocating for our subjects. The aim of the association is to create a community of teachers where we can share resources, communicate and speak with one voice to get our subject area recognised and supported.

There is so much happening in the Digital Technologies space at the moment, read about some of them in the latest T-News Magazine. This is a regular Newsletter that has loads of information for us.

Changes in 2016

We have moved platforms for our communications - register for the group at https://nzacditt.mobilize.io

We are also moving our website platform at some stage as well, don't worry you will still find us at nzacditt.org.nz


NZACDITT Skills 16 - 20/4/2016 and 21/4/2016, Christchurch, Burnside High School
Technology Scholarship Online Webinar - Thursday, March 17 2016, 3.45pm–4.45pm  

NZCADITT Workshop15 - Digital Technologies Achievement and Endorsement 30/9 and 1/10/15

CS4HS 2016

The University of Canterbury
Core-ed cs4hs programming - august 2016
Victoria University

Programming for Teachers - Otago Uni - Aug - Dec 2015
More information here

Review of the Positioning of Digital Technologies in the New Zealand Curriculum
Curious Minds- Digital Technologies
Radio Live Interview 

Review and Maintenance Programme of Technology Curriculum
Second meeting May has been, next meeting end of June, wider group feeding back in currently
Information about this is available here

Changes to NZACDITT Google Group - April 2nd 2013

NZACDITT Google groups will only be available to paid-up members of NZACDITT. The cross over will happen on the 1st of April 2013.
NZACDITT (Your subject Association) manages the Google Group. It is the main vehicle for discussion and resources, (and was open to all people subject to approval).
NZACDITT want to make this resource available to paid members only so that we can start to provide more dedicated support to our membership.  

If you are paid up and wish to gain access, please email nzacditt+owners [at] googlegroups.com

Join your Region when you Join NZACDITT

Join the region you represent when you are a member of NZACDITT. We want to build up the Professional Capabilities of the regions. We need to start organising at a regional level to get collaboration and sharing happening.

Level One Digital Technologies Achivement Standards
Level Two Digital Technologies Achivement Standards
Level Three Digital Technologies Achivement Standards


Get access to regional information, resources, events, news and a network of teachers all dedicated to Digital Technologies.


Latest Resources

  • Programming Literacy Posters
  • 91076 numbers 2011- 2014
  • Programming course for teachers
  • Plagiarism explained
  • 2.5 functional modelling resource
    Level 2
    Year 12
  • Electronics Resources Years 10-13
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
  • Don't Fear The Internet-video series
  • Safety in Technology Education: A Guidance Manual for New Zealand Schools
  • NZQA Online Moderation Workflow
  • Media Design School - Create a Hero
    Year 9

From the President

30 August, 2015

This week saw the fourth meeting of the Review of the Positioning of Digital technologies in the New Zealand Curriculum.